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Maze Generator

A Unique online tool to generate unlimited unique printable maze puzzles with solutions in different shapes, formats, sizes, and designs. Download the generated patterns as PDF. To get started enter the values for your maze design and click the generate maze button.

Math Generator

A tool  to generate printable math worksheets. This tool will generate both the worksheet as well as the answer key for the teacher. Each time the tool is run it will generate a new, random set of math problems.

Shape Maze Generator

Allows creating masked mazes by specifying an image. A mask image limits the possible space for maze generation and allows to create of mazes of arbitrary shapes.

picture maze.PNG
Dot - Dot Creator

Allows You to create Dot-Dot Connecting Activity sheets from an image.

dot pic.PNG
Sudoku Generator
sudoku generator.PNG
Mandala Generator
mandala generator.PNG
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